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Project Description
A personal collection of written applications and libraries to make life a little easier and to be taken across projects without having to rewrite them over and over again.

Welcome to my project collection stash. This is my side-project-collection that I like to work on when I have the time.
What this entails is libraries, applications and tools for developers to make their lives easier and for me to use across projects.

I have been busy with some initial projects and I am glad to announce the following releases:
  • .NET Encrypted Configuration Viewer
  • ParamGate application parameter handling library
  • EasyProxy which is a WCF proxy channel wrapper & handler to make things a lot easier for you

Please look them up in the documentation section for more information.

You can check my blog at:

UPDATE: <2013-06-04> EasyProxy is now the new WCF Extensions. I have released a new version in Beta mode which you can use to try out. Design changes have been made and LinFu has been used as a (runtime not WCF) proxy generator to help produce objects that fit in your given service contract interface. The documentation has been updated for it but will need some revision in the future.

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